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Welcome to Arts Under the Stars!

A digitally interactive event.

A few reminders for everyone's enjoyment and safety.

  • Use your cellphones! But please keep them on silent!
  • No flash photography, this is for the safety of our performers! Pictures and video without flash are welcome and encouraged! Help us document, which leads to our next point...
  • Please post to social media! #CIAUTS #Metamorphosis
  • Portable bathrooms are near the entrance to the parking lot at the corner of the park
  • Please visit the Maria's Kitchen and Kaylie's Frutas food trucks
  • Visit our researchers interactive area in the park
  • No drinking or smoking allowed in El Dorado Park during the event.
  • Animals must be on a leash. If your animal become disruptive, please remove them from the event.
  • And most importantly...



Student Research Awards

Saturday Only

In Ixtli,In Yollotl “Cara y Corazon” (2).png

Saturday May 4 at 6:30 PM

Come and see the poster presentations Saturday May 4, 2019

starting at 1 pm in the North Quad.


Bloody Stream-Arrangement-Noah Taublieb and Vocalists-Whisper Ortiz, Martin Mortensen Soloists-Alex Manriquez, DJ Martinez

Rise-Arrangement-Arrangement-Cody Johnson and Vocalists-Whisper Ortiz, Martin Mortensen Soloist-DJ Martinez

Maria Maria-Arrangement-Paul Murphy and Vocalists-Whisper Ortiz, Martin Mortensen and Soloists-Wayne Zorro, PJ Martinez

You Look Good-Arrangement-Joseph Jennings and Vocalists-Whisper Ortiz, Martin Mortensen

Make It Mine-Arrangement-Alex Manriquez and Vocalists-Whisper Ortiz, Martin Mortensen and Soloist-Alex Manriquez
We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off-Arrangement-Kate Anne Garcia and Vocalists-Whisper Ortiz, Martin Mortensen

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours-Arrangement-Joseph Jennings, Vocalists-Whisper Ortiz, Martin Mortensen

Ensemble Players

Trombone: Michael Boyd

Tenor Saxophone: Edgar Castillo

Drums: Joshua Columbus

Guitar: Wayne Encinas, Alberto Martinez

Alto Saxophone: Kate Anne Garcia, Cody Johnson

Baritone Saxophone: Joseph Jennings

Keyboards: Alex Manriquez, Noah Taublieb

Vocals: Martin Mortenson, Whisper Ortiz

Faculty: Paul Murphy

Class: PAMU 310

Discover more about Performing Arts at CI


In Ixtli,In Yollotl “Cara y Corazon” (3).png

Friday May 3

Sunghee Nam

Saturday May 4

President Beck

With Chumash permission, our objective is to preserve Mexican culture in our quest for decolonized education, social, and cultural justice

In Ixtli,In Yollotl “Cara y Corazon”.png

Danzante Tlaloc Ollin Dancers: Andrea Aguilar, Chrissie Cutbirth, Gladys Garcia, Tefany Gonzalez Harward, Tonya Murguia, Emily Quiñonez, Anthony Parra, Ariana Torres, Veronica Valadez, Amy Zapien, and Sonya Zapien

Community Dancers joining DTO: Annie Macias

Discover More about Danza Tlaloc Ollin

“The concept of limit is the most important building block in mathematics”


Concept, Research, and Writing by Jorge Garcia (AKA Doctor Gee)

Choreography: Heather Castillo with Dance Ensemble Students

Dancers: Tashiana Baisy, Pablo Baltazar, Jessica Clay, Raven Fierro, Irene Flores, Eric Fuentes, Aurora Garcia, Brittany Herring, Farne Holland, Alicia-Marie Kodis, Kassandra LaGiusa-Riedeman, Grace Leavitt, Isabelle McBain, Melina Ortega, Tyler Sawyer, Alexandra Seligman, Claira Speight, India Vargas-Pile, and Jordan Wayans

Music: Selections from Leonard Bernstein

Scene 1: On the Town

Scene 2: Prelude for Fugue and Riffs

Scene 3 3: West Side Story Suite

The Happy Ending: Earth Wind and Fire's Boogie Wonderland remixed by Mr. Belt & Wezol

Intro Video: edited by Heather Castillo

Intro Music: composed and performed by Mike Biscoe, Mixed by Mike Biscoe, JoAnna McClelland, Ryan Rackemann, Billy Gilbert, Craig Bickel.

Background Animation: Heather Castillo

Class: PADA 458 Dance Ensemble, MATH Calculus

Discover More about CI Mathematics

“I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.”


Directed by: Robert Ulloa and Maddie Boyd

Written by: London White

Choreographed by: Raven Fierro and Melina Ortega

Composed by: AJ Herrera

Introductory Video and Accompanying Film by: Raven Fierro, Robert Ulloa, Andreya Martinez, Yesenia Ramos, London White, Ty Meyers and Trevor Schwerdtmann

Stock footage provided by: Videvo


London White - Girl

Trevor Schwerdtmann - Boy

AJ Herrera - Monday

Melina Ortega -Tuesday

Andreya Martinez - Wednesday

Jenna Sapp - Thursday

Raven Fierro - Friday

Yesenia Ramos - Saturday

Ty Meyers - Sunday

Class: PA 303 Advanced Collaboration Workshop

Instructor: Dr. Catherine Burriss

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"Remember...You are not alone. You are not to blame.
With help, you will get better."

-Maternal Mental Health Coalition of Ventura County


Faculty Researchers: Kalena Lanuza, DNP, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, PHN, CLC and LaSonya Davis, DNP, FNP, WHNP-BC

Nursing Student Researchers: Diana Contreras, Jacqueline Cuateptzo, Lorena Huziar, Cristina Jimenez

Student Dancers: Tashiana Baisy, Pablo Baltazar, Estrella Carrillo, Raven Fierro, Aurora Garcia, Sophia Kachlik, Grace Leavitt, Isabelle McBain, Melina Ortega, TJ Ramirez, Claira Speight, India Vargas-Pile, Jordan Wayans

Choreography: Heather Castillo with Modern 2 & 3 dancers

Music Composition:

Part one and 2 Choral Work

Participants: Music Theory Students (Music Theory I & Advanced Music Theory)
Composers: Rachael Crooks, Edgar Castillo, Derek Spence
Arranged by: Malia Jade Roberson

Conductor: Lexxi Becerra
Soprano, Rachael Crooks; Alto, Jessica Gonzales (solo) and Lexxi Becerra; Tenor, Martin Mortensen and David Bellos; Bass, Mike Biscoe, Derek Spence, Edgar Castillo and Simon Reyes

Part 3: Composed and Performed by JoAnna McClelland, Angad Gill, and Recorded By: JoAnna McClelland, Angad Gill, and Mixed By: JoAnna McClelland, Angad Gill, Mike Biscoe

Introductory Videos: Filmed and Edited by Heather Castillo

Introductory Music: Music Composed and Performed by JoAnna McClelland and Craig Bickel, Mixed by JoAnna McClelland and Craig Bickel.

Discover More about Maternal Mental Health

“Mommy, I can’t promise you that I’ll never grow up or leave you, but I promise you’ll be the reason I always come back” - Jacqueline Chávez


Creative Leader/Researcher: Jacqueline Chávez

Original choreography by: Raven Fierro and Irene Flores

Pre-video and final video filmed and edited by: Pi’ilani Mata

Pre-Video Music: Composer and Performer: Ryan Rackemann, Recorded By: JoAnna McClelland, Mike Biscoe, Mixed By: JoAnna McClelland, Ryan Rackemann, and Mike Biscoe

Accompanying background videos curated by: Pi’ilani Mata

Performers: AJ Herrera, Eric Fuentes, Estrella Carillo, India Vargas, Irene Flores, Jacqueline Chávez, Pablo Baltazar, Pi’ilani Mata, and Raven Fierro

Soundtrack curated by: Jacqueline Chávez

Soundtrack song credit:

Song: Yo te Esperaba

Artist: Alejandra Guzman

Record Label: Sony Music

Release year: 2013

Song: Tierra Mestiza

Artist: Los Folkloristas

Record Label: Fonarte Latino S.A. de C.V.

Release year: 1993

Song: Lo Siento

Artist: Laura Pausini

Record Label: Atlantic Records

Release year: 1996

Song: Gema

Artist: Carlos Cuevas

Record Label: Sony Music

Release year: 2016

Discover More About "Ode to Our Mothers"

Intermission will be 10 minutes

In Ixtli,In Yollotl “Cara y Corazon” (1).png

Please visit our interactive area to find out more about

the research projects that informed tonight's performance.

"We are the memories we don't remember, which live in us, which we feel, which make us sing and dance and pray the way we do, feelings from memories that flare and bloom unexpectedly in our lives."

-Tommy Orange from There There

Untitled design (5).png

In My Life by the Beatles

Acoustic guitarist Paul Murphy

Student vocalists Whisper Ortiz

Keyboard: Noah Taublieb

In Remembrance

“We have our own culture, our own community. A lot of people don't realize that. They just assume that deaf people are very unfortunate, very disabled, but no.”

- Nyle DiMarco


Introductory Video:​ Dave Sladek and Isaac Ortiz also Filmed and Edited by: Isaac Ortiz

Director/Filmmaker/Writer:​ Isaac Ortiz

Choreographer:​ Grace Leavitt

Actors:​ Rachel Bialkin, Jessica Clay, Claira Speight, AJHerrera, Grace Leavitt, Pi’ilani Mata, JoAnna McClelland, andMelina Ortega

Voice Over Actors:​ Faith Arceo and Sophia Pantoja

Extras:​ Irene Flores and Eric Fuentes

Music by: ​​JoAnna McClelland and Mike Biscoe Song title- "​Tomorrow Comes Anew​"Written and Performed by JoAnna McClelland and Faculty Support: Craig Bickel

Artist: Billy Gilbert

Song: Franky Beat

Special thanks to:​ Jennifer Arceo and Arceo Family

"I would like to inspire a new connection with the Universe! I dream a science in which reason and imagination are not enemies but rather partners in appreciation of the wonders of the universe."

-Dr. Fiorella Terenzi


Conceived and Written by: Astrophysicist, Author, and Musician Dr. Fiorella Terenzi

Lead Actor: Pia Isabell Vicioso-Vila

Dancers: Heather Alexander, Julissa Espinoza, Megan Gainey Ahl, Emma Geoghegan,

Sara Hayes, Haya Jaber, Jayd Jordan, Nicole Martinez, Baylie Panattoni, Jasmine Ruiz,

Heba Sitita, and Hailey Moore

Pulsar Pulsar Dancers:

Actors: Haya Jaber with Jayd Jordan, Jasmine Ruiz, Heba Sitita, Amanda Dudley, and Jacob


Dance Choreography: Danny Gonzalez, Amanda Dudley, Noel De

Verges, organized by Heather Castillo

Web Page Content: Amanda Dudley

Influencer/Social Media: Haya Jaber, Diana Limon Mariscal, Sycora Powell

Program Designer: Denise Rios

Astronomy Table Display: Denise Rios, Breanna Cota,Neli Ortiz, Christiana Lucente,

Eleina Solis, Joshua Valadez,

Music Video Soundtrack: Pulsar Pulsar (Spinosa/Terenzi)

Ambient Soundtrack: Massimo Spinosa

Music Video Editing: Isaac A. Ortiz, Benjamin Hytrek, Loveridge designs

Props: Joanna Castro, Megan Gainey Ahl (dancer too), Sara Maldonado, Jasmine Ruiz,

Joshua Valadez, Rosario Hurtado, Hailey Moore, and Kevin Cortez

Space Image/Videos: courtesy of NASA/JPL.

Costume: Joanna Castro, Julissa Espinoza, Sara Hayes, Eleina Solis, Rosario Hurtado, and

Sara Maldonado

Hair/Makeup: Heather Alexander, Baylie Panattoni, and Brianne Rivera

DJ: Bobak Jabbari, and Joshua Maraun

Stage Manager: Juan Aguilera, and Joshua Maraun

Director of Photography: Jack Browning and Daniel Flores

Songs: Call Me A Spaceman (Hardwell); Pulsar Pulsar (Spinosa/Terenzi); Written in the

Stars (Tinie Tempah)

Supervisors/Consultants: Ivona Grzegorczyk, Clint Harper, Timo Schulze, Geoff

Dougherty, Amanda Sanchez, Teri Pluma

Costume Supervisor: Francine Lecoultre

Producer/Director: Gary Imhoff

Created by Fiorella Terenzi

"Virtual reality (specifically Embodied Labs) has the power to transform learning, in less than 10 minutes, by immersing one in an environment they could not otherwise experience, creating a space to see and feel what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes."

-Jaime Hannans


Faculty Researchers: Jaime Hannans, Ph.D., RN, CNE and Colleen Nevins, DNP, RN, CNE

Introductory Video: Benjamin Hytrek

Accompanying Video: Eric Fuentes

Choreography: Movement created by the dancers and organized by Heather Castillo

Dancers: Tashiana Baisy, Pablo Baltazar, Jessica Clay, Raven Fierro, Irene Flores, Eric Fuentes, Aurora Garcia, Brittany Herring, Farne Holland, Alicia-Marie Kodis, Kassandra LaGiusa-Riedeman, Grace Leavitt, Isabelle McBain, Melina Ortega, Tyler Sawyer, Alexandra Seligman, Claira Speight, India Vargas-Pile, and Jordan Wayans

Multicultural Theatre Group
Writers: Malissa Arizaga, Rachael Ball, Phillip Garcia, Michael Inocente, Alexander Katnic, Kaylena Mann, Miguel Navarro

Nurse-Rachael Ball/Laura Covault

Student Nurse-Kaylena Mann

Patient-Andreya Martinez

Theatre Faculty Laura Covault


Part 1: Lucidity by Agnus McRae

Part 2: Pulse by Jacob Pavek

Part 3: From Above by Agnus McRae

Discover More About "Growing Wings"

"Trauma creates change you don't choose. Healing is about creating change that you do choose."

- Michele Rosenthal


Researcher/Director: Tanay Pattani
Creative Lead/Choreographer: Isabelle McBain

Background Video: Tanay Pattani

Composer/Songwriter of "From Now On": Sammi Olson
Violin Concerto II by Philip Glass, Adele Anthony, Ulster Orchestra, and Takuo Yuasa
Performers: Melina Ortega, Irene Flores, Sammi Olson, Jacqueline Chavez, Estrella Carrillo, India Vargas-Pile, Eric Fuentes, Noel DeVerges, Pablo Baltazar, and Raven Fierro

Introductory Video: Tanay Pattani

Introductory Video Music: Orginal Score Written and Performed by JoAnna McClelland, Mixed by JoAnna McClelland

For more Information and help

"The test is always how we treat the poor"

– Robert Frost


Faculty lead: Sunghee Nam

Student researchers: Ashley Bonilla, Sara Garcia, Abelino Lopez, Alizah Luna, Araceli Martinez, Mariana Navarro, Jennifer Opferman, Olivia Ortiz, Merlyn Perez, Maibelle Rodriguez, Ashley Szeprethy

Video filmed and edited by Christian Ramirez

Soundtrack curated by Christian Ramirez

"This project could not have been done without the initial interest of Dr. Sunghee Nam and The City of Oxnard . Additionally; Mark Alvarado, Ana Castro, Lang Martinez, Felipe Gonzales and the Oxnard Police Department were key players that helped open the doors to private lives of homelessness in Oxnard." Christian Ramirez.

Discover More About "Humanizing Homelessness"

"Sand is the main material that modern cities are made of. It is to cities what flour is to bread, what cells are to our bodies:"

― Vince Beiser, The World in a Grain: The Story of Sand and How It Transformed Civilization


PA 391

Creative Leads: Tashiana Baisy and Sammi Olson

Song: The Path by Zoë Keating
Edit and Sound Scape: Alec Bertrad
Choreographers: Tashiana Baisy and Performers
Performers: Rachel Bialkin, Jessica Clay, Noel DeVarges, Grace Leavitt, Isabelle McBain, Sammi Olson, and Melina Ortega

ENGL 107: Advanced Composition

Original Art: Natalie Cabuhat, Marin Matsune, Arthur Michie, Dianne Montano, Alice Paz, Paloma Tapia, and Viviana Troncoso

Zine: Jasmine Gabb

Infographics: Daniel Ramirez and Devin Rodriguez

ESRM 428: Intermediate GIS

Sand Mining Story Map Research and Website Design: Cassandra Rogers and Alyssa Connaughton

ESRM 335: The Beach

Advanced Screening of the Documentary Sand Wars at CSUCI: Isaac Araujo, Ryan Cavanaugh, Daisy Ceja-Vera, Eliu Falla-Hagerty, Aurora Garcia, Abigail Gordon, and Erika Shoemaker

Background and Pre-Videos: Samantha Krapff, Jacquelyn Lozeau, Mitchel Paulson, Amanda Schumacher, Jonathan van Hees, and Trevor White

Infographics and Brochure: Meriel Angeli Estolloso

Interactive Sand Table: Vivian Diaz, Jordan Hunter, Sadqu Jammu, Taylor Johnson, Anthony Looyen, Valeria Perez, Bianca Reyes Alvarez, Yaritza Sandoval Rodriguez, Rebecca Faith Suan, Andrea Terman, Javier Valdovinos Magana, Valeria Valdovinos, Nicholas Walters, and Vincent Wandzura

Original Art: llana Affrunti, Nikolette Dussault Martin, Olivia Gilbert, Brendan Gonzalez, Kristina Martinez, Jared Moss, Alitzah Oros, Tessa Thomas, and Jacob Vascos

Promotion: Andrea Bendik, Lauren Cahill, Lauren Calas, Michelle Cohen, Ashley Goodwin, Amanda Hague, Anna Payne, Atticus Reyes, Steven Schultz, and Jordan Williams

Research: Yailine De La Cerda…, Minami Fukuda, Avarie Hager, Cody Harrington, Joshua Hughes, Jennifer Jones, Lauren Martin, Leslie Pina, Christine Rhyne, Carina Sepulveda, Maria Servera, Jessy Shelton, Andrew Tegley, and Casey White

Sand Prop-master: Tyler Kacerek

ESRM Faculty: Kiki Patsch

English Faculty: Stacy Anderson

Performing Arts Faculty: Heather Castillo

Discover More About "Save Our Sands"

Learn More About the Global Rise of Illegal Sand Mining

Purchase RISE today!

In Ixtli,In Yollotl “Cara y Corazon” (4).png

The Art of Metamorphosis


Metamorphosis logo and artwork created by ART Capstone students Carlos Corona, Alex Sanglay, & Jose Garcia under the faculty supervision of Aurora Valentine.

More about ART at CI


Student Marketing Team:

Alyssa Betancourt, Jose Cuevas, Alex Diaz, Jake Garfinkel, Ellen Lenderman, Cole Matsuura, and Hannah Ontiveros,

Marketing and Communication by COMM 329

Faculty: Megan Kenney Feister

More about Communication at CI

Enroll Today! These Fall 2019 Performing Arts Classes Are Open to ALL Majors!

World Drama (3).png
PA 490-01-Special Topics.png
PATH_ENGL 342 (1).png

Arts Under The Stars is made possible by

Instructionally Related Activities


I am once again composing the thank you section 10 minutes before the show begins. Arts Under The Stars is a huge undertaking and many helpers come from across campus to participate, add their talents, proofread, solve tech issues, shovel sand bags for tents, the list is endless. The credits for AUTS would like like the end of a summer blockbuster. So, with ten minutes left, I am lacking in placing the appropriate credit, but know all my angels who brought food, checked spelling, stayed late and sent messages of good tidings, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. AUTS would not happen without you.

Wait, there is one person who this show would no be possible, and she is a senior this year and I do not know what I will do without her in the drivers seat.

CRISTY RODRIGUEZ RIVAS- THANK YOU! She is the most epic and fantastic stage manager ever!

I am so proud of you, without you, non of this would be possible.

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